The style is so distinct that it is specially designed and built for your story. You can have all your imaginations integrated into your series of photos, we listen to your demand and we fulfill your fantasy.
From English country to contemporary, vintage to modern, you share your stories, we capture your happiness!


Impressed by the luxurious European style, added with a tinge of classical charm.
The atmosphere is indeed elegant and gracefully expressed.


A gorgeous series with photos like Wedding Magazine shoot.
Studio Maiden is also the choice of Korean comedienne, Jung Joo Ri for her pre-wedding photo shoot.


A series with elegance & romantic. This series captures every sweet interactions between the couple,
giving a not too casual yet not too formal photography.


It all started with the hues of vintage settings, bringing warm and fun to the portraits
by having the space litted up with pre-designed natural lighting.
Travel back in time to the 80s with us and fill with happiness!


Soulgraphy is designed & customized for our customers for the outdoor photography in Seoul.
With the fantastic colours and typical warm feeling by the professional photographers, we break all the rules of indoor photography and made your own story album of yours own choice!